Upcoming Events

2019 Women United Weekender

Guest Speaker: Deena Smeltzer
July 19th, 20th, and 21st
The Inn on Lake Superior
350 Canal Park Drive, Duluth MN

Who Needs Fig Leaves?  Dignity Restored.

Dignity is defined as our inherent value and worth as human beings. Since the fall of man the shame of sin has devalued us. Our own attempts to cover this nakedness fall short and miss the mark of God’s best. Exposure to sin stripped God’s most precious creation of their value and they went into hiding.

Countless women are trapped in depression.  Others are addicted to chemicals, food, men or countless other things. Many continually make poor life choices and never seem to move forward. Some appear to have everything going for them but inside are desperately lonely and brokenhearted. All the while loving God but never accessing freedom. The bible is full of women like this. Women stripped of their dignity. Their stories reveal the answers to our questions, what happened and is there hope for me?

The value of anything is established by what someone will pay for it. Jesus Himself established our value by purchasing us with His own precious blood.  My heart’s desire is that women everywhere would come to recognize their value and embrace who they are because of Him and His love.

Jesus truly is our hope. Jesus makes us free to live without the fruitless efforts, aka fig leaves, we use to hide and establish our own value. Our fallen human nature wants to direct our lives, but there is a better way.

The apostle Paul a former religious leader wrote to the church in Galatia, “What I say is this: let the Spirit direct your lives and you will not satisfy the desires of the human nature. “

We all know a woman who would benefit from the truths in God’s word regarding their value.

Our dignity has been restored and as we renew our minds to this truth we too will see our true value.